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2013 production Nanfeng Mandarin 2013-06-09
 2013 Nanfeng Mandarin production info 2013 Nanfeng Mandarin orange production is expected to be improved compared to 2012, Estimated prices will rise, largely because of various costs, La...
Your Mandarin Can be export to which country 2012-09-20
 Your Mandarin Can be export to which country?  Our main market in Southeast Asia: Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam. The Middle East a...
Happy New Year -2012 2011-12-30
 hope everyone  haappy new year 2012~~~~~~ our baby mandarin will be finish in this season.   if you want it . pls contact ASAP. ...
China GDP to slow as services stagnate 2011-09-05
 China's fledgling services sector grew in August at the lowest pace on record, a private survey showed on Monday, as new orders ebbed and tightening measures to rein in an exuberant property sec...
Citrus growers hope to expand to China 2011-07-12
 A Chinese company will visit citrus growers in south west NSW next week to discuss potential fresh juice exports. Citrus growers in the Riverina are looking to Asia for new business while the hi...
Understanding Organic Citrus 2010-09-04
Organic Citrus is gaining in popularity among today's consumers.   When it comes to citrus fruits “organic” refers to how the fruit is grown.  Organic farmi...
Citrus Trees - The Sweet Orange 2010-09-01
   The sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) is a 16-46 ft (5-14 m) tall tree with evergreen foliage, white flowers, and spherical fruits. This species is originally from southern China or perhaps ...
Bangladesh: Bumper Jackfruit Production 2010-08-13
Thakurgaon district has witnessed bumper production of jackfruit in the current season. Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) and farmers said the juicy and delicious jackfruits have grown abundan...
NL: "Nicely coloured clementines, first arrivals from South Africa" 2010-08-13
  At Van Rijn Trading the first clemetines have arrived via their South African partner 4 Seasons. Next week the first Navels will arrive. "On purpose we have waited a little longer in ...
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