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Oranges info
        Nanfeng oranges edible and medicinal values are high, the body is a treasure. Nutrient-rich fresh fruit, fruit juice in 100 ml of sugar 11.3 grams, about 1 gram of citric acid, vitamin C19.5 mg soluble solids by 14% (mainly sugar, amino acids, phosphorus, iron, calcium). Peel rational gas and spleen, the role of dampness phlegm; orange Shujin contact with collaterals, the effect of blood along gas; orange nuclear energy qi, Sanjie, pain. Nanfeng citrus can also serve as the raw material processing industries, such as the use of orange peel extract can be made of Hesperidin control atherosclerosis, heart attack drugs; with fruit wine, vinegar, to produce orange champagne, honey orange cola and so on, has a unique flavor. Orange flowers with orange peel pectin and can be extracted from natural flavors, security, widely used in food industries and pharmaceutical industries.


      Nanfeng oranges market (picking) Time: every year in November to next March.

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